惠灵顿 Essay 代写:

2017-05-12 00:49

惠灵顿 Essay 代写:正如本研究
As was discovered in this study, a variety of teachers' maxims could be seen in the teacher cognitions, which could be reflected in future research studies conducted in this field. According to Borg (2003), the better understanding of the contextual factors must be developed in order to determine the relationship between cognition and practice. It is possible to measure teachers' grammatical knowledge using instruments such as questionnaires and interviews, which can also provide insight into the teachers' cognitions (Sowden, 2007). For instance, Burgess and Etherington (2002) used a questionnaire to study the beliefs of 48 English teachers about grammar and grammar EAP in UK universities. The responses indicated positive attitudes toward formal means of instruction and reported that the proficiency of EAP students is improving because of their contribution, as the conscious knowledge of grammar plays a role in these students' use of language. Having said this, Borg (2003) pointed out the significance of future research into the knowledge of English language teachers so that effective mediums of instruction can be established through teacher education. Many theories and practices could be researched and developed on the topic of English teacher cognition and teacher education in the online ESL classroom environment.