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具有法律约束力的协议。协议的产生是由于要约和承诺的结果,但必须满足一些其他要求的协议具有法律约束力。(1)必须考虑(除非合约是契据)。(2)各方必须有意向建立法律关系。这种规定通常是为了防止纯粹的国内或社会协议构成合同。(3)双方必须有合同的能力。(4)协议必须符合任何正式的法律要求。一般来说,创建有效合同不需要特别的手续。它可以是口头的,书面的,部分口头的,部分书面的,甚至暗示的行为。某些交易,但是,有效的,只有通过合同或书面影响…(5)协议必须合法。(6)本协议不得因某些普通法或法定规则或某些固有缺陷如操作错误而失效。某些合同,虽然有效,但可能被一方以虚假陈述或行使不当影响为由予以搁置。[ 2 ] 这是一个全面的定义,涵盖了合同的主要方面,即使这篇文章主要是关于法律的报价和接受。要约和接受的概念将被认为是在这篇文章的整个过程。要约被认为是订立合同的意愿,必须明确,一旦合同被接受,就形成了具有约束力的合同。合同成立前,必须接受要约。这可以通过语言或行为,虽然这是在Felthouse诉宾德利案[ 3 ]沉默是不够的。


A legally binding agreement. Agreement arises as a result of offer and acceptance, but a number of other requirements must be satisfied for an agreement to be legally binding. (1) There must be consideration (unless the contract is by deed). (2) The parties must have the intention to create legal relations. This requirement usually operates to prevent a purely domestic or social agreement from constituting a contract. (3) The parties must have capacity to contract. (4) The agreement must comply with any formal legal requirements. In general, no particular formality is required for the creation of a valid contract. It may be oral, written, partly oral and partly written, or even implied from conduct. Certain transactions are, however, valid only if effected by deed…or in writing…. (5) The agreement must be legal. (6) The agreement must not be rendered void either by some common-law or statutory rule or by some inherent defect, such as operative mistake. Certain contracts, though valid, may be liable to be set aside by one of the parties on such grounds as misrepresentation or the exercise of undue influence.”[2]
This is a comprehensive definition covering the main aspects of a contract, even though this essay is primarily concerned with the law regarding offers and acceptance. The concepts of offer and acceptance will be considered further throughout the course of this essay. An offer is considered to be a willingness to enter into a contract and must be clear, as once it has been accepted a binding contract is formed. Before the contract can be formed, there must be an acceptance of the offer. This can be given via words or conduct, although it was held in the case of Felthouse v. Bindley[3] that silence is not enough.

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