psychology essay代写:文化对心理的影响

2017-01-15 07:49

psychology essay代写:文化对心理的影响 根据上述描述,确定了环境、时间、行动、沟通、空间、权力、竞争、结构和思维十个维度.。环境是指个体在其影响范围内对个人、客体和问题的看法和联系.。时间表明个体是如何感知时间的本质的。例如,在法国,准时是礼貌的标志;在英国,时间比世界上任何一个国家都重要;在美国,时间是至关重要的,因为他们是礼貌和储备的。迟到两分钟是对德国经理的侮辱。动作指示个体视图动作和交互的方式.。沟通表明个体如何表达自己。空间说明个体标定其身体、心理空间。例如,人们在加拿大站在沟通。拉丁美国人或远东站的空间是两英尺的距离,日本人有“不接触的态度”文化,避免站得很近,避免目光接触.。而在墨西哥的亲密是礼仪交谈时有时接触别人的衣服或武器是可以接受的。避免向后退了一步,这表明你不友好。权力表明个人如何看待不同的权力关系,例如,法国不接受女性经商,但商业女性可以自由地邀请法国男人发动并支付账单.。德国使男性占主导地位。女性在商业上几乎没有地位。竞争力是指个体的动机。例如在中国是集体在西方它是一个人的表演。结构表明个体方法的变化,风险和不确定性。想说明个别事物的概念。

psychology essay代写:文化对心理的影响

According to the description above, ten dimensions are determined, they are environment, time, action, communication, space, power, competitive, structure and thinking. Environment indicates how individual view and relate to the people, object and issue in their sphere of influence. Time indicates how individual perceive the nature of time and it uses. For example, in France, being on time is a sign of courtesy; in Britain, time is more important than any country in the world; in Germany, time is vital since they are polite and reserves. Being two minutes late is an insult to a German manager.  Action indicates how individual view action and interaction. Communication indicates how individual express themselves. Space indicates how individual demarcate their physical, psychological space. For example people stand apart in Canada when communicating. The person in Latin America or the Far East stand space is two feet distance .Japanese has a “do not touch attitude” culture avoid standing close and avoiding eye contact. where as in Mexico closeness is etiquette  while conversing and sometimes touching the other person clothing or arms is acceptable .avoid stepping back, this indicate you are not friendly.  Power indicates how individual view different power relationship .for example France does not accept woman in business .however business women feel free to invite a French man to launch and pay the bill. Germany makes the male dominant. Female has little position in business. Competitiveness indicates how individual are motivated .for example in china it is collective where as in some western it is one man show. Structure indicates how individual approach change, risk, and uncertainty. Thinking indicates how individual conceptualize things.

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