Psychology Essay代写:BPL约会检测

2016-12-17 10:02

在一起,那么,可以预期的是,通过采用BPL其中实验组参与者被告知,填写调查问卷,询问个人信息后,包括身高和体重,产生的网上约会档案,他们的身高和体重进行测量,作为一种替代BPL(琼斯&在,1971)–而在对照组中,没有这样的操作是用–这些试验组会提醒他们真实的自我会比他们报道的自我–专门通过测量他们的身高和体重。反过来,考虑到这样的比较,将–一样,当我们去约会,我们已通过在线约会网站–安排带领参与者想象的期望不一致的潜在后果(Burgoon &普瓦雷,1993)和管理他们的印象


Psychology Essay代写:BPL约会检测

Together, then, it is expected that, by employing a BPL wherein experimental group participants are told that, after filling out a questionnaire that asks for personal information, including height and weight, to produce an online dating profile, their height and weight will be measured, as an alternate BPL (Jones & Sigall, 1971)–whereas, in the control group, no such manipulation is used–those in the experimental group will be alerted to the fact that their actual selves will be compared to their reported selves –  specifically by measuring their height and weight. In turn, considering that such comparisons will be made–much as they are, when we go on dates that we have arranged via online dating sites–should lead participants to imagine the potential consequences of expectancy disconfirmation (Burgoon & Poire, 1993) and manage their impressions
(Tedeschi, 1981) with more veridical data. That is, they will imagine the effects of potential date comparing the way they had represented themselves, online, to their actual selves, upon meeting, and imagining that reports create impressions largely enough different from their actual selves (see, e.g., Goffman, 1959), so as to cause dissatisfaction (as a function of expectancy disconfirmation), could lead people to reject them and refuse to pursue a romantic relationship (see, e.g., Goffman, 1971).