2017-01-05 23:34

Nestlé is regarded as the global market leader in the foods, health and nutrition business and the products offered by the organization enjoy very high brand equity (Nestle, 2010).
The organization has extended and diversified products.
The organization provides extensive support to its different brands utilizing integrated marketing communication.
Nestlé has established distribution network and the top tier distributors including Tesco, Asda, Morrison, Ocado, Sainsbury's Waitrose etc distribute the firm's products.
Nestlé also has a growing internet and online presence and most of the top-tier online retailers sell the firm's products.
Nestlé enjoy premium quality image in the market.
Despite consistent efforts the firm's market share has not been showing any positive signs due to growing activities of competitors and the high support they extend to their brands in terms of promotion (Danone, 2012).
The organization and some of its key suppliers has been associated with practice that are harmful to the firm, for example Michael Foods, the major supplier to the firm has been associated with using practices harmful to the environment (Heller, 2010).
During the peak season frequent stock outs has been associated with the Nestlé Ski brand that adversely affect the performance of the brand in the market.
Allergic reaction has been reported with the use of Nestlé Ski brands that has been adversely affecting the sales of the product in the market.
The organization has not been supporting its Ski brand extensively as other players in the market are doing, for example, DANONE.
Although the firm has extended product portfolio, the fact is that the firm lack the professional staff to manage the Ski brand. 

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