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2017-01-03 22:06

In most of the cases, rather searching consistently for new alternatives, manager stopped thinking and searching about the alternative when a good enough alternative that could solve the problem has been found. In addition, the analysis that the manager carried out also need not to be 100% accurate due to the fact that a manager has limits to his or her analysis that in turn affect the analysis of the alternatives. In addition, as the analysis of alternative is regarding the future outcome which by essence is uncertain, no one could be sure that what will happen in the future? While implementing the decision, manager is also confronted with different constraints in terms of resources including financial resources, human resources, information resources, or physical resources that may in turn affect the implementation process, and the desired objective from the decision may not be accomplished (Kreitner et al., 2007).
Essentially both the model have huge implication for the organizational behavior. When the manager is operating in an environment where the different macro environmental factors experienced lesser changes and the manager has no pressures in terms of time, he or she may rely on the rational decision making model (Alvesson & Willmott, 2003). However, if the manager is transacting in an environment where different factors experienced considerable changes frequently that in turn allow a manager a lesser time for the decision making, the decision maker may rely on the bounded rationality model of decision making. The bounded rationality model which could be termed as cognitive style of decision making rely on the intuition and experience as the decision made in the organization are based on the experience of the manager (Francessco & Gold, 2005).

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