Sociology Essay 代写:不同利益

2017-01-24 12:12

In addition, organization should place increase emphasize over fulfilling the needs and aspiration of its different stakeholders rather than working just for the maximization of its shareholders wealth. For this organizations need to identify the different stakeholders whether they are the investors, employee, local community, government organization or the local community and should then identify that how the organization could contribute to these different stakeholders of organization (Parrett, 2004). The proper engagement with such groups will result in chalking out strategies that will help the organization not only to meet their demands but will also enable the firm to accomplish the different tangible and intangible benefits associated with CSR. In addition, organizations should see the CSR as a mean to accomplish better results (Mullerat, 2002). This is due to the fact that organizations that are good at the CSR level are in position to attract and retain the superior resources in terms of human capital from the job market that in turn enable such organizations to accomplish superior results. 

 Sociology Essay 代写 不同利益

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