Research paper代写:互联网视频企业

2017-01-12 05:47

As is well accepted, YouTube is a late-model media which is used to upload and to share videos by some web site users. The videos include some movie clips, television footages, music television, as well as some videos from users’ own shooting. Since its publishing, YouTube has been a popular tide among its users group. Soon later, it becomes the representative of internet media in the global market, since it is not so easy for people to upload their videos until the founding of YouTube. Via such a website, the internet users could be able to upload their videos into the web and to share them with thousands of people. Frankly speaking, YouTube has made video sharing become an important part of the internet culture. Just because of that, it becomes such a popular site with users and the main videos providers in the United States. Based on some investigations, YouTube’s market shares have been up to 43% in 2009. And in that year, nearly 6 billion of videos have been uploaded and shared by users. That is to say, almost 30 hours of videos have been uploaded to YouTube per minute, and nearly three-quarter contents come from outside the United States. According to the latest ranking of Alexa, YouTube ranks the third in the global web site, just behind Google and Yahoo (Ashraf, 2009, 343-352). In the August of 2009, the visitor volume of IP per week was up to 1.18 hundred million, with a 18.79 hundred million PV per day.
Generally speaking, one of the successful elements of YouTube is its popular but hard-to-find video clips, just like the Saturday Night Live, a famous television program of NBC. At the same time, there are still lots of critics arguing for YouTube’s behavior to enable users to upload any video without regard to laws of copyright. Nevertheless, the founders of YouTube still insist on its strategy and catch the opportunity to make achievement which other enterprises are too far behind to catch up with(Boulaire, Hervet, & Graf, 2010, 111-141). The distinguishing primary function of YouTube is to apply video coding technology which comes from Sorenson Spark and Adobe Flash 9, to compress users’ uploading videos. Nowadays, the videos of YouTube have embodied the individual movies, television clips, music videotape, as well as the family records. Although the quality of image in YouTube is no match for the technology of Real Video and Windows Media, YouTube is still popular and successful among the global users for its low bandwidth requirements. 

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