Philosophy Essay代写:人类的想法

2017-02-21 13:01

人类的想法,运用自由意志似乎是合乎情理的;那就是,我们知道,当我们的行为,我们是能够作用否则比我们。听说这实际上是一个备受争议的说法,它可能会让人吃惊,它已经受到哲学审查数千年。的位置,我将为称为硬决定论,认为,直到几个月前,我根本不知道的存在。硬决定论认为人类存在于宇宙的因果循环中,我们的行为与自然规律有着千丝万缕的联系。它认为人的行为是由一个人的个性、欲望和价值观造成的,但是他们的个性、欲望和价值观是由个人无法控制的外部前因因素引起的。这些因素的范围可以从遗传倾向到他们的成长到他们出生的社会的文化规范。简言之,硬决定论拒绝了人类机构的概念。本文的目的是双重的: 1)提出的论点,即决定论并没有破坏我们每天的概念化的意志,但只是提出了一个解释的原因,我们称之为道德行为。 2)要使其论点,本文对自由意志和道德责任不具有决定论的论文凝聚;或者换句话说,攻击compatibilist /软决定论观点。 决定论真理存在的不同解释。所以我想在这里我将具体说明决定论的不同观点是什么,只是喜欢这家伙的文章我会识别在争论我和阐述。这个定义承认“意志”或产生行动的欲望,但它不承认“自由意志”或自由欲望。 自由观念的行为是理所当然和待定。他们的工作是人类能产生行为的前提下,引发一系列事件,自治,因此我们独立于自然因果链。 清楚地制定和解释你持有的职位。为了捍卫你的硬决定论立场,我需要削弱他们捍卫自由的力量。自由主义者攻击的决定使他们指向的例外情况。他们唯一的攻击点,使他们的反例的情况下,我需要证明他们的反例是不正确的。你可以点假设的种类,自由主义者对人类。这些假设的合理性问题;认为我们自治,认为我们不在存在因果关系。

Philosophy Essay代写:人类的想法

The idea that human beings exercise free will seems commonsensical; that is, we understand that when we act, we were capable of acting otherwise than we did. It may come as a surprise to hear that this is actually a hotly contested claim, and it has been subjected to philosophical scrutiny for thousands of years. The position that I will be defending is called hard determinism, a view that up until several months ago, I was blissfully unaware even existed. Hard determinism is the view that humans exist within the causal loop of the universe, that our actions are inextricably bound to the laws of nature. It proposes that human behaviour is caused by an individual's personality, desires and values, but that their personality, desires and values are caused by external antecedent factors over which the individual has no control. These factors can range anywhere from genetic predisposition to their upbringing to the cultural norms of the society they happened to be born in. In short, hard determinism rejects the notion of human agency. The objective of my paper is two-fold:

1) To make the argument that the thesis of determinism does not undermine our every day conceptualization of the will, but simply proposes an explanation for the cause of what we call moral behaviour.

2) To make the argument that the thesis of free will and moral responsibility does not cohere with the thesis of determinism; or in other words, to attack the compatibilist/soft-determinist view.

Different interpretations of determinism's truth exist. So I guess here I would outline specifically what the different views of determinism are, just like that dude's paper LOL. I would identify mine and elaborate on the arguments. This definition admits a “will” or a desire-that-produces-action, but it admits no “free will” or free desire.

Libertarians subscribe to the notion that human actions are uncaused and undetermined. They operate on the premise that humans are capable of originating acts, initiating a sequence of events, self-governing and thus we are independent of natural causal chains.

Clearly formulate and explain the position you hold. In order to defend your position of hard determinism, I need to undermine their defence of freedom. Libertarians attack determinism by making a case for the exceptions they're pointing to. Their only point of attack to make a case of their counter example; I need to prove their counter-example is not true. You can point to the sorts of suppositions that libertarians are making about human beings. Question the plausibility of those suppositions; the idea that we're autonomous, the idea that we exist somehow outside of the causal loop.
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