MBA Essay 代写:组织资源

2017-01-28 00:28

MBA Essay代写,组织资源
这种战略喜欢成本领先战略是超出了组织的资源,因为该公司基本上承担更多的成本提供不同的杂货项目在门口的目标市场(戴维,2006)。虽然,在最近的过去的组织一直集中在这方面的努力,但是,由于公司有很大的运营成本,该公司无法在这方面取得任何竞争优势。这是最好的战略相匹配的公司地位,在市场和资源,该组织已拥有。而不是达到每一个客户,该组织应准确界定其目标市场,这可能是一个利基的总市场。然后,公司可以准确地调整其营销组合,以达到如此狭窄的目标市场。战略的最佳匹配的组织资源,而该公司将在位置来完成其主要的长期目标(Hitt et al.,2000)。此外,通过使用重点差异化战略,该公司将在一个层面上集中努力,而不是尝试不同的事情一致

MBA Essay代写,组织资源
This strate gylikes the cost leadership strategy is beyond the organization's resources because the firm essentially incur more costs in delivering different grocery items at the doorstep of the target market (David, 2006). Although, the organization during the recent past has been focusing its efforts on this front, however as the firm has large operating cost, the firm could not accomplish any competitive advantage at this front. This is the strategy that best matched the firm status in the market and the resources that the organization has been possessing. Rather than reaching every customer, the organization should accurately define its target market, which may be even a niche of the total market. The firm could then tailor its marketing mix accurately to reach such narrowly defined target market. The strategy best match the organization resources, and the firm will be in position to accomplish its major long-term goals and objectives (Hitt et al., 2000). In addition, by using the focus differentiation strategy the firm will be in position to focus its efforts on one dimensions rather than trying different things consistently