HR Essay代写:客户服务代表

2017-02-24 13:12

目前的客户服务代表似乎已经接受了非正式的培训。当一个组织不花时间充分培训员工时,后果就是服务差。为了确保你的员工成功,需要有一套期望和目标。这种非培训的方法,我可以用来发展她的员工。员工希望看到他们的工作有助于更大的企业目标,并设置正确的目标,使这种连接明确为他们,和L,作为他们的主管。目标设置特别重要,作为一种机制,提供持续和年终反馈。通过建立和监控目标,你可以给员工实时输入他们的表现,同时激励他们实现更多,这可能会导致每月或每季奖励。做为代表,具有销售和积极的客户意见和奖季度奖金顶级卖家或使奖金绩效最高的数月识别程序;例如,你可以给奖金的回答大多数客户电话或回邮件。 陈述完成这项训练后要完成的目标。目标1:#实现更高水平的客户满意度:一个在培训需求分析中发现的许多结果是沮丧的客户服务代表在。有些人担心,没有一个标准的政策或资源遵循,详细描述了如何找准核心客户的问题,或解决或转发到另一个决议。他们对困难客户的培训水平和充足程度提出了担忧。由于缺乏技能培训和知识之间存在确凿的相关性,我们的培训目标是开发可用的客户服务技能的员工,这将导致工作绩效的提高。目标2:#创建一个统一的客户服务政策:我们将创建一个标准的专门针对kymm快递使命声明客户服务政策。我们将大量生产这些,以便每个员工在培训过程中收到他/她的个人资料。此外,每个客户服务代表站将需要有一份副本,以提供快速的参考,为客户服务代表。目标3:制定客户服务#程序指导:我们会提供培训,使客户服务代表的知识,技能和态度,会增加产品知识,提高解决问题的资源,并提供卓越的客户服务的kymm的基地。我们将开发一个现成的参考客户服务程序指南,使它随时在每个工作站的系统,将提供直接的方向,以客户服务代表,有效地识别客户的关注和过程,以最有效地解决它。

HR Essay代写:客户服务代表

It seems as though the current customer service representatives have received an informal training. When an organization does not spend the time to fully train their employees the consequence is poor service. To make sure that your employees succeed, there needs to be a set of expectations and or goals in place. This non-training method, L could use to develop her employees. Employees want to see how their work contributes to larger corporate objectives, and setting the right targets makes this connection explicit for them, and for L, as their supervisor. Goal-setting is particularly important as a mechanism for providing ongoing and year-end feedback. By establishing and monitoring targets, you can give your employees real-time input on their performance while motivating them to achieve more which can result in monthly and or quarterly incentives. Doing a monthly recognition program for the representatives that has the highest number of sales and positive customer comments and or Award quarterly bonuses for top sellers or make the bonus performance based; for example, you can give bonuses for answering the most customer calls or returning the most emails.

State the goals that are going to be accomplished once this training is completed. Goal #1: Achieve Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction: One of the many findings discovered during the Training Needs Analysis was frustration among the Customer Service Representatives. Some were concerned that there’s not a standard policy or resource to follow that describes in great detail how to pinpoint the core customer problem and either resolve or forward it to another for resolution. Concerns have been raised about their level of training and adequacy in dealing with difficult customers. Since a conclusive correlation exists between lack of skills training and knowledge, our training will target developing usable customer service skills to employees which will result in increased job performance. Goal #2: Create a Uniform Customer Service Policy: We will create a standard Customer Service policy tailored specifically to the Kymm’s Express mission statement. We will mass produce these so that each employee receives his/her personal copy during training. In addition each Customer Service Representative station will be required to have a copy to provide quick reference for customer service representatives. Goal #3: Develop Customer Service Procedural Guidance: We will provide training that equips customer service representatives with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will increase product knowledge, maximize problem-solving resources, and provide exceptional customer service to the Kymm’s Express base. We will develop a ready reference customer service procedural guide; make it readily available in the system of each workstation that will provide immediate direction to customer service representatives to effectively identify a customer’s concern and the process to most efficiently resolve it.
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