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2017-02-17 01:33

On the other side of the microscopic view, there are also abundant theories to explain the “love issue”. The feminism has great effect on the modern shaping of love. The gender equality pursued by feminist brings up the new mode of love in the past several decades. In most part of the world, feminism has showed its significant influence and made radical social change, such as love and marriage. This not only displayed in the western society but also in Asia and Africa. In the latest Chinese movie the 101st proposes, after refuse the protagonist's proposes a hundred times, the leading actress start to regret, but she staunchly seize the right and the opportunity to propose to the male protagonist in reverse, eventually, she succeeded. The plot here obviously proves the fruit of feminist movement. Through it the relatively conservative society gradually gives women the right to claim love. To explain this phenomenon we should dig into the same influence brought up by feminism which caused the other all events. And it actually coincides with the process of modernization. Like the entering into paid work of women, the medical advance of fertility control, the new working forms and consumerism, all these are the propellers of feminism which equate to the account of the obtained right of love for women. If such feminism is enhanced by the modernization factors, the intimacy of two individuals also can not escape this fundamental influence of society. Giddens put forward many themes in The Transformation of Intimacy (Giddens, 1992). In The Transformation of Intimacy, Giddens described a concept, the pure relationship. This important concept in Giddens' work deals with the modern world. It describe "a situation where a social relation is entered into for its own sake, for what can be derived by each person from a sustained association with another; and which is continued only so far as it is thought by both parties to deliver enough satisfactions for each individual to stay in it”.(Giddens,1992). In many situation of intimacy, a ‘pure relationship’ marked specially by the communication that started by self, the others maybe in the situation of sex or the quality of emotion. Furthermore the democracy of inter-person relation and the macro-institutional orders will both benefits from the democratization of intimate relationship. Accompany with the the changing of the intimate relation, as intimate relation changing constantly, women have take the lead. But man has relatively lagged. Giddens’ explained this in another work, “emotional revolutionaries” (Giddens, 1992). He trying to describe that women tend to be the pioneer of the emotion revolution and gives idea and implication that society is as a whole. In the modern society, intimacy and sexuality have been sequestered. In the traditional society, this kind of sequestration seems to be liberating in different sense. It also can be classified into a kind of repression. A context which divided from the larger ethical and moral question was used to carry out a reflexive effort in order to create this ‘purer intimate relationships’. This modern arrangement comes from a attempt which launched by people who tend to construct themselves and others in a reflexive way. Thus Giddens’ logical reasons give us a way to think about love, its somehow not just the individual’s ‘intimacy’, its the intimacy that brings radical change to the society. As the pinion given by Giddens largely express that here is no need for us to wait for any kind of formal and sociopolitical revolution to save or help us. The subtle revolution has already underway in the daily life, or say, in personal life. And those transformations of intimacy presses for physic as well as social change could help change the social institute. Thus, the sexual emancipation of a society, as Giddens thought can be the medium of a more wide emotional reorganization during the social life.

film studies essay代写:example
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