埃迪斯科文代写Essay demand management

2017-01-07 06:34

Essentially as the organization will be confronted with the dilemma of demand management, effective training and development of the operational staff is must so that they could provide consistent customer's services to the target market, no matter whether they are confronted with peak demand or low demand (Shani & Chalasani, 1992). This could be easily accomplished if the firm link some motivation with the customer's relationship management as through better customer's relationship management the firm will not only be able to attract consistent number of customers helping in demand management but will also be in position to retain its existing customers that will add to the firm's objective accomplishment ability (Hasemark & Albinson, 2004). If Joe Bert's Car Wash could provide the desired services in a better manner the organization will be in position to realize the true benefits as effective customer's relationship management is associated with customer's retention, word of mouth marketing, demand consistency, brand equity, and improved communication with the target market (Unruh, 2004). However, such benefits could be only accomplished if the organization maintains an effective customer's relationship. 

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