Economics Essay代写:澳洲矿业

2017-02-03 01:01

Economics Essay代写 写作指导:在过去的几年中,澳大利亚矿业面临着明显的放缓趋势。如在采矿业务展望报告(2012)从新港咨询、悲观的气氛是覆盖整个市场,只有25%的采矿公司计划在2013大投资。现在,澳大利亚公司正在与全球竞争对手竞争。因此,经济衰退对澳大利亚铁矿石生产的影响显著。下面列出了三个主要的影响工业因素

During the last few years, the Australian mining industry faces a significant slowdown trend. As demonstrated in Mining Business Outlook Report (2012) from Newport Consulting, a pessimistic atmosphere is covering the entire market, and only 25% of mining firms plan to make large investments in 2013. Now the Australian companies are competing with all competitors globally. Thus the economic recession significantly influence the performance of iron ore production in Australia. The three main influencing industrial factors are listed below:
  1. The most vital one is the dropdown of the mining prices, especially the iron ore and coal. The corporate decision makers have revealed concerns about the short-term economic performances in the Australia mining industry. Most firms decide to keep a less aggressive strategy and focus on implementing old programs and reducing cost in the mining production. What’s worse, the implementation of the conservative tax policy on the mining industry shows the discouraging attitude of Australian government, which further demotivate companies from improving the production.
  2. The second influencing factor is the rise of international competition from mining producers in other countries. The labour, the energy and the transportation sectors in Australia are currently facing a big gap with the market demand and supply. Forecasted by the Mining Business Outlook Report, there will be a lack of 1700 mining engineers and 3000 geologists in the Australian mining industry. On the contrary, the mining production in Asian countries is developing progressively with abundant labour and material resources. Therefore, Australian companies have to find a way out of fierce international competition, especially in terms of operation cost and labour resources.
  3. Finally, the decreasing international demand hits the economy in Australia significantly. China is the largest investing country in the Australian mining industry; and the exporting of mining products occupies 54% of Australia’s export value. (ABARE, 2012) Due to the slowdown of Chinese economy, the demand of iron ore drops, together with its price and the pricing power of oligopoly firms. This situation in turn worsens the price decrease in iron ore industry and lowers the expectation of both the investors and the producers.
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