Economics essay代写:就业市场

2017-02-10 03:36

Economics essay代写:主要原因是工人在公共服务领域被解雇。由此可见就业市场将继续恶化。如何解决问题,降低失业率,答案是,政府必须增加财政支出,创造更多的就业机会(Dornbusch,1997)。接下来,我们将讨论个人所得税税率的问题。澳大利亚自2012年7月1日开始使用新的个人所得税税率,大幅增加个人所得税的门槛,由6000元提高至18000元。以下两个统计图表将显示新的和旧的个人税率。

will be faced with the risk of the poor performance. According to the statistics, the Australian dollar has appreciated by 70% since October 2008, which is a disaster for Australia's economy under the background of the global economic downturn. This will also affect the Australia's economic growth and reduce government revenues. So if the government does not want to slow the economic down, it has to increase the fiscal spending to stimulate the domestic demand (Dornbusch, 1997). And although Australia's unemployment rate is lower in developed countries, it has a tendency to deteriorate between 2012 and 2013. According to data, the unemployment rates increases from 5.2% in November 2012 to 5.6% in March 2013. The number of employment people fall 36100 compared to last month in March 2013, 28700 of which is part-time employees. The Victoria and Queensland faces the worst decline in employment, which fell in 9300 and 9300 respectively. The main reason is that workers have been fired in the field of public services. So this shows that the employment market will continue to deteriorate. How to solve the problem to reduce the unemployment rate, the answer is that the government has to increase the fiscal spending to create more employment opportunities (Dornbusch, 1997). Next, we will discuss the problem of the personal taxation rates. Australia began to use new personal taxation rates since July 1, 2012, and substantially increased the threshold of personal income tax from $6000 to $18000. The following two statistical charts will show the difference between the new and old personal taxation rates.