America Essay代写:理性模型

2017-01-04 11:39

The rationality model and the bounded rationality model of decision making are two of the most widely used models, however with the passage of time the former is losing its significance and managers in different parts of the world are consistently converting towards utilizing the bounded rationality model of decision making. This is due the fact that on the one hand different organization wishes to benefit from the benefits associated with creativity and innovativeness as well as the environmental and competitive forces are consistently changing with much more speed these days that requires decision making on behalf of managers in the quickest possible time. Manager who will wait for the information and then take his or her time to evaluate the information will find that he or she is giving a chance to the competitor of the firm to grab the opportunity. In order to capture opportunities or solve an organization's problem a manager in the present day's environment is required to act now in the quickest possible time relying on different heuristics and shortcuts.

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